Articles of Interest


Celtic folk lore about good kings ‘marrying’ the land to ensure prosperity:

Indigenous view of corn, maize:


Using market-scale perennial grain for beer:

Quotes from the recently deceased pioneer of permaculture, Bill Mollison:

Bike-powered urban gardening:

Regenerative agriculture- storing carbon in the soil while also providing for human and ecosystem needs:

Western Colorado fruit tree mapping initiative: 

Goats as ‘lawn-mowers’:

Urban, closed-loop, farming in Milwaukee, WI:

Urban hops grown on under-utilized land:

An amazing non-profit that connects various groups to promote sustainable land stewardship:

Mini composter:

Traditional Culture

The traditional practice of growing amaranth in Mexico:

Shrine of Demeter, goddess of agriculture, discovered:

Impact on wool on Viking culture:

Gladiator diet:

Seed saving as cultural preservation and resistence:

1700 year old wool tunic found in melting ice in Norway/ importance of wool during Iron Age:

Art and Agriculture

High definition photographs of seeds:


The effects of diet on newborns:

How to make elderberry syrup, a home remedy:

Cilantro as water purifier:


Seed saving tutorial:

Drought-tolerant plants:

Indoor ginger harvesting:

Food Systems:

How to teach about food systems:

Cost Co buying land for organic farmers:

Building a better farm bill:



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